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Expressions Spas opens a world of tailor-made spa holidays that allows you to choose according to region, type of treatment desired, product type and recommends for your party type, whether it be for couples, singles or perhaps mothers and daughters travelling together.

Expressions Families affords you an amazing choice of sophisticated resorts ideally suited to families in selected destinations worldwide. You can also choose according to required facilities in resort and we suggest holidays for families with grandparents and single parent families too.

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  • Ayurveda spa treatments

    Ayurveda spa treatments

    Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science of healing designed to promote a long healthy life. Herbs, aromatherapy, nutrition, massage and meditation are used to restore the body’s balance. The treatments induce a deep sense of relaxation. Shirodhara is a powerful Ayurvedic therapy where warmed oil is slowly poured over the ‘third eye’ in the centre of the forehead. Many hotels offer Ayurvedic treatments, including the Kempinski San Lawrenz in Gozo which also offers a selection of healthy Ayurvedic meals on request.

    Ayurveda treatments are offered at the following spas:

    The Oriental Spa Gardens at the Hotel Botanico, Tenerife
    The Botanico’s Oriental Spa is situated in beautiful private gardens, which are open to all guests over 16 years of age. The decoration of the Spa is inspired by the Far East. The ceramics and furniture have been handmade in Thailand and decorative antiques are used to add to the oriental flavour. Asian traditions and authentic local products make up the Botanico’s spa menu. On offer are oriental-style massages such as Ayurveda, Shiatsu and Reiki, exotic body wrappings with green tea, ginger and cacao and relaxing thermal baths filled with oriental essences. The treatments which are locally inspired include luxurious body wrappings with volcanic lava from Tenerife, aloe vera from Fuerteventura and tropical wrappings based on papaya, mango and avocado.
    The facilities at the spa are second to none. The thermal circuit is composed of an indoor and outdoor pool filled with soothing thermal water offering jet streams and underwater massage. Themed showers such as the water mist with camomile or mint essence calm the senses as well as enlivening the body. The sound pool offers the ultimate in relaxation where you can lie back in the warm water of the pool while listening to music played underwater. The 2 open-air Jacuzzis and rest areas in the exotic gardens complete the treatments.
    Signature treatment - Oriental Programme
    An exotic blend of soothing baths, and fragrant wraps complemented by Thai and Ayurvedic massages and a Reflexology session, giving you a tantalising taste of the East.

    Our full range of spa holidays based at the Hotel Botanico in Tenerife can be viewed.

    Kempinski Spa at the Kempinski San Lawrenz, Gozo, Malta
    The Kempinski Spa on Gozo offers both Marine Care and Ayurveda Treatments. Marine Therapy is similar to Thalassotherapy and involves algae body wraps and peelings, refreshing Vichy showers, massages in the hydrojet tub and underwater massages for stimulating circulation. The Ayurveda Centre is run by staff from Kerala in India, said to be the birthplace of Ayurvedic remedies. Treatments start with a free consultation to assess your needs. A wide range of treatment packages are offered by the hotel to treat specific problems, for example Body Slimming, Stress and Strain Relief. Programmes last between 5 and 21 days.
    Facilities at the spa include the warm 31-degree, oxygen rich hydro-pool, steam bath and solarium. The indoor pool is equipped with a Jacuzzi.
    Ayurveda Treatment Programmes
    Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old science to treat diseases, including stress, and help promote perfect health. Comprehensive treatment programmes are available as well as a range of individual treatments.
    Skin Care
    This programme improves complexion and tones the body using special herbal facials and henna treatment depending on individual needs. It is ideal for curing skin diseases or just improving the overall look and feel of the skin.
    Body Slimming
    From the perspective of Ayurveda, losing weight is not about starving or suppressing the appetite but balancing your fat metabolism. Treatments include body massages with special herbal powders and internal herbal medicine, tailored to individual needs.
    Traditional Massage from Kerala
    An à la carte menu of massages originating from Kerala in India, designed to treat specific ailments or just soothe and relax.

    Our full range of spa holidays based at the Kempinski San Lawrenz in Gozo can be viewed here.

    The Ayurveda Spa at Ayurveda Pavilions, Sri Lanka
    The Destination Spa has been created around the concept of Ayurveda to offer a complete all-round treatment. The hotel employs renowned doctors, specialists in Ayurvedic therapy, to guide you in strengthening the roots of your wellbeing. The Ayurveda system is based on ‘The Knowledge of Life’, a thousand year old tradition that originates from India. Based on the presumption that health is more than the absence of illness, its gentle, holistic approach to wellbeing encompasses all areas of life. According to Ayurvedic principles, the physical body, our state of mind and energies in the environment we live in are all intertwined and have a direct influence on our state of energetic balance. Any imbalance in these energies causes discomfort or illness.
    All physical, mental and spiritual functions of the human body are influenced by three basic bio-energetic powers: Kapha, Vatha and Pitta. From these, a unique system of medical therapies and treatments has been developed that has proved highly effective in the treatment of chronic disease. A wide range of physical conditions can be treated by Ayurveda, for example backache and arthritis and also psychological conditions such as stress. From an aesthetic point of view, Ayurveda also offers beauty benefits like reducing the appearance of wrinkles, weight loss and promoting healthy hair and scalp. You will be treated using a selection of natural herbs, whose curative properties have undergone extensive clinical and pharmacological safety tests. Treatments are personalised according to individual needs.
    Signature Treatments
    Oil is poured on the third eye positioned in the middle of the forehead which initiates a soothing and relaxing effect to promote wellbeing. It can cure long-standing insomnia and can be effective in reducing the frequency of epileptic fits.
    A soothing massage treatment using essential oils on the head that is said to prevent headaches, hair loss and premature greying.
    Sincro Massage
    A body treatment where two therapists treat the skin to a soothing massage at the same time.
    Herbal Mask Treatment
    The body is enveloped in a nourishing mask made from a selection of natural herbs in order to promote the enzymes responsible for metabolic skin processes. The treatment is designed to improve skin structure and relieve itchy, irritated skin.
    Other Treatments
    Snehana (Herbal oil therapy)
    Karna Parna (oil treatment of the eardrum)
    Padabhyanga (massage of the soles of the feet)
    Udavartana (body mask)
    Udgharsana (powder massage)
    Pindasveda (medical massage)
    Dugdha Dhara (milk with herbs)
    Shiro Vasti (oil applied to the head)
    Ayagaha (medical baths)
    Vakthraabhayanga (facial treatment)

    Our full range of spa holidays at Ayurveda Pavilions can be viewed here.

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